Are your circumstances complicated?

We understand that each application is unique and that some applicants may have a complicated medical, character or visa history, which will require a waiver submission.
Our team at Western Migration know what the Department Delegate will be looking for in a waiver submission.
We have the experience, knowledge of legal precedents and government policy to not only prepare a persuasive waiver submission on your behalf but to guide you in gathering the important supporting evidence to ensure your chances of success are the highest they can be.

Waivers may be required for:

Character or Health Issues
Schedule 3 Criteria
No Further Stay Conditions
PIC 4020 Waivers
Unlawful Status and Breaches of visa conditions
Partner Sponsorship Limitations
Length of time in a de facto relationship

Requests for Further Information

Prior the Department of Home Affairs making their decision, the Department Delegate can seek Further Information if they are not satisfied that the supporting evidence you have provided in your application meets the visa requirements.
The quality of the response to these requests can determine whether or not the application is granted or refused. Given that an RFI also has strict time frames for providing a response, they can cause additional stress for the applicant(s).
Our experienced migration agent can help you assess the Department's request and help formulate the right response, improving your chances of obtaining that visa grant.


Work with us to uncomplicate your application and improve your chances of success!

If you have a complex issue Using Western Migration's Registered Migration Agent to prepare and submit a waiver submission on your behalf, we will make the whole process:

Simpler: Quite simply, we know what works and what doesn’t, so we will give you clear instructions as to what documents you need to provide. We will prepare your process your submission properly and provide all the correct documents to the Department of Home Affairs.

More efficient: We will use our expertise and understanding of Australia's complex migration laws to maximize your chances of a positive outcome.

Stress-free: We manage the entire process for you from start to finish! We will monitor your application until the Department of Home Affairs makes a decision and keep you informed of any developments during processing.